Freight Class Calculator

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Knowing the correct freight class will help streamline the shipping process, getting your freight moving faster. 

How is freight class calculated?

The National Motor Freight Transportation Association (NMFTA) sets standard rates for every product shipped, providing a uniform price for all carriers to work from. Each product is assigned a freight class number; the higher the number, the more expensive that product is to ship. NMFTA looks at each of the following factors when determining freight class:

  • Density - How heavy or solid is your product? Heavier products often have a lower freight class.
  • Stowability - How easy or difficult is it too tightly pack your product into a truck? Can it be stacked? Does it easily fit on a standard pallet?
  • Handling - How easy or difficult is it to load your product into a truck?
  • Liability - Is your product extremely valuable or delicate?

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Published November 2018